Oklahoma stunned Ohio State with a vengeance beatdown in Columbus

    Oklahoma stunned Ohio State with a vengeance beatdown in Columbus
    Oklahoma stunned Ohio State with a vengeance beatdown in Columbus

    No. 5 Oklahoma disassembled No. 2 Ohio State on Saturday in Columbus, 31-16. The Sooners demanded to vindicate for a home misfortune to the Buckeyes a year ago. All the more significantly, they dug in themselves soundly into “School Football Playoff top choice” status.

    The Sooners were astounding down the extend. They defeated Ohio State in the primary half when they found the middle value of 5.7 yards for each play to the Buckeyes’ 3.4. Be that as it may, they attested themselves in the second from last quarter and made the amusement theirs in the fourth, even as the Buckeyes’ offense grabbed its own particular pace.

    After Ohio State drove 10-3, the Sooners were relentless. Pastry specialist Mayfield tossed three second-half touchdown passes. The Sooners ended up with four takeaways on safeguard, as they ball-sold the life out of the Buckeyes. Ohio State’s running backs, J.K. Dobbins and Mike Weber, were viable. Be that as it may, they once in a while got this show on the road the ball, with the Buckeyes depending more on a less proficient running QB, J.T. Barrett. Altogether, those two backs conveyed 16 times for 101 yards. Barrett ran 18 for 66.

    The Sooners will ascend to at any rate No. 4 in the AP Poll one week from now. It wouldn’t be that astonishing in the event that they got as far as possible up to No. 2, however, no one else above them lost. Ohio State’s year is a long way from done, yet the Buckeyes’ edge for a mistake is presently little.

    It’s a gigantic win for Lincoln Riley, the Sooners’ first-year head mentor. He has huge, Bob Stoops-sized shoes to fill. A mark win’s a decent begin.

    On the off chance that we learned a certain something, it’s that Oklahoma is to be sure extraordinary.

    Regardless we don’t realize what Ohio State will be in 2017. In any case, the Buckeyes are as capable as any non-Alabama group in the game, and Oklahoma whomped them all alone field. They did it by matching their standard annihilating offense with a quality exertion on safeguard against an intense Buckeyes assault.

    Mayfield was Mayfield. He was 27-of-35 going for 386 yards, three touchdowns, no picks, and a shimmering 198.1 rating. He could’ve scarcely been something more. He was considerably more proficient than he was a year ago when he set the record-breaking FBS effectiveness record.

    The Sooners didn’t have a decent running amusement, which seemed well and good against a predominant Ohio State front that held Indiana to 17 surging yards on 27 endeavors in Week 1. However, Mayfield’s good to the point that OU’s offense still had a devour.

    The Sooners’ protection was their concern a year ago, and on the off chance that they don’t make the playoff this year, it’ll be the reason once more. So it’s empowering that they held Barrett generally in line and made Kevin Wilson’s Buckeye offense work throughout the night.

    Presently, OU’s flipped the content on the Buckeyes.

    This was the capper to a blockbuster home-and-home arrangement that began a year ago in Norman. Ohio State won that one, 45-24, after a hostile invasion that left the Sooners in shambles. The amusement set the pace for the two groups’ seasons.

    It was Oklahoma’s second loss of the season, and that, at last, kneecapped the Sooners in their offer for a moment sequential playoff billet. Ohio State got into the field by the prudence of just having one misfortune, in spite of not winning the Big Ten. OU won the Big 12, however that didn’t vault the Sooners into the field.

    It’ll be a couple of months before we learn whether Saturday’s diversions had similar stakes, yet it’s anything but difficult to imagine the groups’ 2017 stories unfurling correspondingly.

    This time, for the two projects, the shoe’s on the other foot.


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