15 years old Teenager Confronted Inhumane Death

                                     Jordan Edwards
                                     Jordan Edwards

Police viciousness is on Rising More than Ever: Humanity Has been declined, Innocent Juvenile was Shot Death by a Cop

Consistent law declination in police injustice fragment has resulted in some outrageous incidents and cases like John Edward’s vindictive murder took place in continuation of the illegal exposition of Excessive Force.

A police officer while driving away from police cars shot a weaponless 15-year-old teenager Jordan Edwards. And what was his fault? He was just leaving a house party. However, the fact is hardly acceptable but innocuous partying lead a juvenile full of latitudes to premature death.

The teenager was not alone in the car. He was there with his brother sitting just some certain feet away from him and some of his friends. Therefore, a car loaded with four unarmed innocent youth faced unnecessary dreadful firing. His friends in the house where he was partying heard the firing just after few minutes of his departure from the house.


Roy Oliver
Roy Oliver

Roy Oliver

Roy Oliver, the explicit shooter is a patrol officer of Balch Springs Police Department, was sent to inspect reports on immature drinking. He is now a wanted criminal and has been fired.

May 9, 2007. 15 miles away from Dallas, this is the house where Jordan was partying with his friends along with his brother. Police shot him just after the party when he was driving to home.

The house party was suspected of running underage drinking and intoxication. According to the police, they were there to investigate if any illegal state is active there. However, before any verification, they shot the running car of Jordan Edwards.


At first, the BALCH SPRINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT tried to cover up the incident and said that Jordan’s car was coming towards the police car in an aggressive manner but later a video clip explored the truth. The chief Jonathan Haber then specified the truth and declared the resignation of Roy Oliver.


The family of Jordan Edwards demanded strict against again the police officer and justice for the ruthless killing. They handed over some ultimatum to the authorities and administration. They also went for justification against the trauma of their other son who witnessed his brother being shot dead.


A night watch was held at Jordan’s school to protest the killing. New York Daily News published a number of articles to protest such incident and demanded the arrest of Oliver. Some local protest rallies were held across the world but lately, Edwards’ family requested to stop the protest until the funeral.


The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the Dallas County Attorney’s Office have formed a detective team to investigate the case, as a continuation of the investigation the charged Oliver with murder, fired him, and issued a warranty. Sheriff’s spokesperson Melinda Urbina assured Jordan’s family about the justice and he said, “The Police Department has created an uncertain reputation and they deserve strict actions taken against them to minimize these cruel sights.


The case of killing Jordan Edwards is a clear incident of racial profiling as he was a black and the shooter was a white. However, cruelty and racism is nothing new and have been practiced for years but this incident is the worst. This case will be added as another atrocious behavior against the black in the history of racism.

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