A Milestone in Leukemia Treatment: Gene Alteration

A Milestone in Leukemia Treatment: Gene Alteration
A Milestone in Leukemia Treatment: Gene Alteration

We truly live in an era of modernization and scientifically revolutions. This flow of scientific revolutions this time has created something life saving. Recently a gene alteration therapy has been invented for Leukemia a Pediatric blood cancer named as CAR-T that was nearly incurable as the other cancers. This treatment can prove to be a savior of children and their childhood. A panel of Food and Drugs Advisory has recently recommended a treatment that is an alteration of genes and heredity. This expert panel of FDA voted 10-0 for this treatment on Wednesday. Novartis Corporations and the University of Pennsylvania have developed this treatment.

This kind of initiative is new in the treatment sector. Nothing like gene alteration has happened before. This treatment method has been scrutinized for a longer period but because of the delicacy, it has been delayed to grab the FDA recommendation. This kind of treatment refers to reprogram the immune cells of human body. As per the treatment, Immune cells are removed from the human body and the researchers reprogram them. Then they cut the cancer cell away and inject the cells into human body again. This treatment involves filtering T cells that work again the cancer cells. Doctors have named this T cells as living drugs as the T cells destroy cancer. Millions of T cells are produced in the lab and then they are injected into the human body in purpose to kill the vicious cancer cell. One of the members of FDA panel Dr. Malcolm A. Smith has described his treatment as a milestone. He also said this an entrance to a new era.

However, this treatment seems to be very optimistic but the consequences of this did not come out as it was expected. This treatment system includes some side effects such as hallucination and fever. However, there are some long term side effects too that are still unclear. It is not even clear whether cancer will come back in future or not.

This treatment chooses humans aged from three to 25. A study on 52 patient was done by FDA and among them, 11 patients died from side effects, seven people died from their uncured leukemia and 83 percent of them were cured. This test was done by following a patient’s father Mr. Tom Whitehead. His daughter Emma Whitehead was about to die because of acute leukemia. His child five years ago experimented with this treatment for the first time. She is now nearly 12 and living happily. This treatment system is undoubtedly a life-saving one.


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