Space Exploration to another Level: China is all set for a self-sustaining withstand for 200 Days

Space Exploration
Space Exploration

China has been leading the world since the rise of civilization in almost every sphere and when it comes to any sci-fi spec this nation has beaten everyone. When any powerful nation is gratified or I shall say overwhelmed with just stepping into the moon or a successful space exploration for a couple of days, no wonder China is planning for something gigantic. Coz the best has always been the least for this country.  While some nations are planning for some general spacecrafts and operations, this nation is planning for surviving in the moon for a certain period by recycling and self-sustaining.

What is China actually up to?

China is preparing something really big and distinctive. According to the Reuters China is planning for a space station try out on a survival, which would be a little bit longer than that of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They have prepared a space station that is named as Lunar Palace 365 and destined to make a journey to the dark side of the moon with a longer survival. China is planning to establish their imagination as a truth by 2036. This Lunar Palace is a 160 square meter space station that will serve all the needed substances for any human being to live for. Four postgraduate students of Beihang University replaced a team that survived there for 60 days and entered into the space station to live for almost 200 days all by their own selves. Students have shared their views with Reuters by stating the Lunar Palace as a different life experience.

The significance of Lunar Palace 365:

The Lunar Palace will provide every needed belonging for human and animal. The project architect Liu Hong has assured that there would be enough oxygen for a human to breath for 200 days that will be produced by the trees planted in the space ship. All the necessary substances will be reproduced or recycled by leftovers and wastage materials.

The atmosphere inside the Lunar Palace and Psychology:

Liu Hong has spilled that being in such a different atmosphere can affect their psychology a bit negatively and they might feel left out for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, as the students will be occupied with some daily tasks, they may remain busy and face relatively less psychological damages. One student from 60 days trial has specified the experience to be a bit low. Moreover, as this batch of postgraduates will be there for three times longer period, they might face some psychological damage but not obviously a critical one. Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut who recently finished a space exploration of 340 days has voiced about the tough psychological disorder.


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